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Live with Meaning
Understanding the Power of a Future Funded Ministry



As life spans continue to increase, it's more important now than ever before to embrace a view of retirement that is more than “doing nothing” or only satisfying personal desires. In his first book in the “Future Funded Ministry” series, Bruce Bruinsma challenges Christians to embrace a common call to love and serve others during all stages of life. Discover purpose and meaning by preparing for your future calling.


Moving Forward
Putting Your Future Funded Ministry Into Motion



How do you start funding the future God is calling you to? Bruce Bruinsma continues to lead you towards a future that is fully funded and ministry minded in his second book from the “Future Funded Ministry” series. From knowing how to make investment decisions to discovering your personal approach to money, Bruce unpackages and simplifies the key components to preparing for the future. Redefining what retirement could be was the first step. Now, it is time to learn how to move forward.


Live with Meaning

The Live with Meaning Foundation encourages, educates, and empowers Christians to Discover and Fulfill God's Calling in Every Stage of Life.

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Future Funded

Our calling to love and serve others doesn't end at age 65. You have unique passions, abilities, and experiences that God wants to use in ALL seasons and stages of your life.

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NAE Financial

Discover the best financial practices
for your home and your church.

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