The Retirement Reformation Update

The first meeting of the Retirement Reformation Roundtable is history. Fifteen key thought leaders gathered in Colorado Springs to explore the many facets of the Retirement Reformation. Each insightful participant contributed to the exchange of information and participated in the accompanying dialogue.

Here are a couple of insightful quotes from the RoundTable:

  1. Money will fund a purpose, but not find your purpose

  2. As Christians, we don’t connect with the idea of a Leisure Lifetime Entitlement

  3. Our culture has swallowed the church

  4. We need to RE-age, not Re-tire

  5. There are 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day of the year

  6. The fastest growing age group in the US measured as a percentage of increase are those hitting 100

The Retirement Reformation is a movement. The Big Idea is that Christians, during their last 30 years, can change the world by growing His Kingdom as described by Jesus.

Our inquiry into the subject reveals a couple of insights:

  1. Sixty-five-year old’s are not homogeneous

  2. Mental capacity may change with an increase in wisdom while the short-term recollections may slow down

  3. The older we get the more different we become

  4. Our churches segregate by age while wisdom is shared inter-generationally

  5. Many churches have an incomplete message for those with gray hairs, “Don’t stop giving, and don’t be grumpy.”  There is so much more to be shared

  6. Leisure is another word for “nothing”

  7. Retirement is complex, not simple as our culture suggests

  8. Preparation for retirement starts at birth and accelerates in our 50’s

There is a growing support network addressing the Retirement Reformation issues. A growing number of resources are showing up at One of those resources now available addresses prayer as a priority. Download the PrayerMate app. Select the + icon on the home page to add content. Scroll down to the section called “Wider Society.” Then scroll down to the Retirement Reformation logo and click on it to add the Retirement Reformation prayers to your daily prayer list. This is the best prayer support system I’ve found. You can list all your prayer topics and the app will cycle you through them at your pace. Try it, you will love it!

Coming out the Retirement Reformation roundtable will be a book reflecting the input from all attendees. Watch for it on the website. You will be able to download it, experiencing the wisdom and insights from all R3 members. For even greater insights, you can be first in line to receive the book, “The Retirement Reformation, Freedom with Faith….and for a Lifetime.” On the website, you can put your name in to receive a copy upon release. There are two other smaller books titled, “Finding Freedom” and “Moving Forward” that are available for download on the website as well as the books authored by the participants. 

One of the interesting topics to me is that of Grandparenting. There is a growing group of interested grandparents and thought leaders in this area. Most of us either are or will be in that role. Being a great grandparent is not something you pick up by osmosis. Much to be learned.

We exchanged information and received information about Faith-Based Retirement Living Communities. Like many other facets of the Retirement Reformation movement, retirement reformation is happening there too. As these communities become more prevalent, issues such as intergenerational integration are coming to the forefront of conversations.

The Retirement Reformation movement is starting to emerge. The Christian Radio Stations and TV channels are also expressing interest and I’ve done 5 interviews on the topic in the last 3 days.

The members of R3 are now starting to work on a statement of declaration of unity and opportunity. This statement will act as a catalyst for discussion and action just as the Declaration of Independence prompted both discussion, exchange of viewpoints, and significant action. Here is a big dream: Every Church and Faith-based organization would have a Retirement Reformation Coordinator, mentor, and coach. Bringing the message, promoting the use of the tools, and working with the pastoral staff to change the lives of the growing percentage of empty nesters from self-entitled leisure to God-honoring Kingdom building.

There is so much more to share about this exciting direction. Stay tuned and drop me a note with your thoughts. You can follow us on social media, Twitter (#RetReformation), Facebook (Retirement Reformation) and LinkedIn (Retirement Reformation). If you will share the posts along with any comments you want to add to your network, we will reach that many more people with this important message and they too can become part of the Retirement Reformation.

Journey with us as we share Trusted Advice along The Way.

The cause is being supported by the Live with Meaning Foundation.


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