The Retirement Reformation Manifesto

The Retirement Reformation is a powerful statement that addresses an important issue; Retirement in our culture and times.

What is the Retirement Manifesto?

The Manifesto represents the combined recognition of key retirement thought-leaders about living with faith and purpose in every stage of life. The focus of the Manifesto is to shine the bright light of Jesus on the void that exists for so many as they transition into retirement for the first time or moving through to any of the 3 stages of retirement.

A Retirement Reformation Roundtable assembled in Colorado Springs during November of 2018 was the launching point for the Retirement Reformation Movement. The assembled 15 thought-leaders, authors and consultants, concluded that there was a need to state clearly the keys to the Reformation and allow those who connect with the message to join the movement.

Keys to the Retirement Reformation Manifesto:

The Manifesto acknowledges that is by the power of Jesus that allows us to live with faith and experience the fulfillment in every season of life. In searching through all the verses in the Bible that address how we are to live and prioritize the building of God’s Kingdom, we agreed that John 15:16 provided the direction and key understanding we needed:

You did not choose me, but I chose you and called you so that you might bear fruit - fruit that will last and whatever you ask My Father’s name, He will give it to you.

Jesus’ transparent message establishes both the relationship between our God and ourselves and reaches into our inner being that directs our life with the benefit in mind of bearing fruit. It also encourages us that we are not alone as we step out into each of our unique fruit bearing missions.

The Retirement Reformation is called to be a movement. The growth of a movement is different from a project, sale of a book or other materials, or any other self-directed activity. The key to a movement is that its leaders must come with “open hands”, inviting all who react to the message or identify with the issues, to join. Each person then becomes a messenger for the mission, recognizes the reality of longevity, and believes that God does have a call on his or her life for a lifetime.

Helping the Body of Christ to reform its understanding of Retirement:

The Retirement Reformation Manifesto not only challenges each individual to examine, re-focus, re-position and re-energize their retirement action plan, but also challenges the Church to do the same. Churches and communities of believers have solid members and believers, primarily by age. The lack of intergenerational interaction and community does a disservice to both ends of the age spectrum. The young are kept from the wisdom of the aged. The aged are kept from the vision and energy of the young.

I was recently asked how many Christians fit the definition of a senior, say 65 plus. We are approaching 30,000,000 and growing. Unfortunately, if even a third of those were connected with the message of the Retirement Reformation and made themselves available for meaningful Kingdom building service, our churches and para-church organizations are not prepared to engage them with meaningful ministry.

There are two groups of “unprepared” Jesus followers:

(1) The chosen individual who knows what they are retiring from, but no clear picture of what they are retiring to.

(2) The Christian organization who does not appreciate the tremendous unused capacity sitting in their pews or at least on the sideline.

Preparation is the key to purpose:

The Retirement Reformation Manifesto is calling both categories of Jesus followers to a new understanding and the associated new action plan.

The Manifesto details and asks those who connect with it to affirm 10 principles. Each one addresses a vital element and commits to a new way of thinking and acting. The Retirement Reformation Manifesto #2 will begin to examine those 10 principles. In the meantime, share this blog with a friend who may need to connect with the Retirement Reformation.

Go to: to review the Manifesto, sign and join if you agree. Download a copy for your reference and acquire the Retirement Reformation book or one written by any one of our Retirement Reformation Roundtable members.

Bruce Bruinsma