Writing a Book Takes Passion

In my last blog, I wrote about my introduction to writing through the efforts of my mother. The need for perseverance in order to be a successful writer. There are certainly more attributes to the writing puzzle. Each of the attributes has a parallel in the Christian life and spiritual journey. Certainly, perseverance is one of them. John Calvin wrote about the “Perseverance of the Saints.”

 Perseverance of the Saints is a Christian teaching that asserts that once a person is truly "born of God" or "regenerated" by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, nothing in heaven or earth "shall be able to separate (them) from the love of God" (Romans 8:39) resulting in a reversal of the converted condition.

There are whole Church denominations and spiritual leaders who suggest that you can lose your salvation. The Reformed tradition would suggest that salvation was not there in the first place; consequently, nothing to lose. 

However we chose to understand the Romans verse, The saving grace made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and subsequent resurrection puts us in a unique relationship with God and with others.

There is another characteristic necessary for a successful writer and reflected in our spiritual journey: Passion. So, what does it mean to have passion or be passionate about a subject or issue?

Passion is a strong desire that can get you to do amazing things. Passion is an emotion to be acted upon. Without action, passion yields no worthwhile results. When you have passion for something, you love it even when you hate it.

I returned from a trip last night late. My head hit the pillow about 1:30 am and then I rolled out about 7:30 am. Not a long night of sleep. So far today I’ve been catching up on issues and projects needing attention and not being tended to while I was traveling. 

It’s now about 2:00 pm in the afternoon and I’m tired and want a nap. However, there is something keeping me from that nap. It is my passion for the issues surrounding the Retirement Reformation and the need to write one more blog before I rest. As I sit here writing, it is my passion and the adrenalin rush that comes along with it that drives me.

I’ve talked about my mother. My Dad was a writer too. He was an expert in the music of the Protestant Reformation. His curiosity about things historical, particularly in Europe and his musical genius drove him for a lifetime. I watched as his passion for music, and for music impacting people’s lives, resulted in great writing about it. This passion framed his very existence.

His curiosity and the passion that drove it took our family to The Netherlands when I was seven. Just 3 years after Dad returned from his encounter with Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. He earned a scholarship to study there and mom and I tagged along for the year. His passion drove him to libraries and dialogues all across Northern Europe. It framed his life and helped to shape mine. I watched as he tirelessly committed his time and talent to understand the amazing cultural and religious transformation taking place during the age of the Reformation. He was passionate. It both showed and rubbed off on all of us around him. 

Passion provides energy and a strong desire to act. Not only to act, but to learn, and not only to learn but to apply God’s wisdom to the issues framed by your passion.

I was passionate about football. Consequently, practice was not drudgery, but an exciting challenge. My grandson Cole is also passionate about football, while his younger brother is passionate about basketball. Consequently, they are both outstanding players.  

I’m passionate about communicating key life messages designed to impact the lives of Christian’s seemingly dedicated to “doing nothing” during the older years. I’m so passionate about it that I hardly noticed my 78th birthday. So much to do, with passion providing the energy to do it.

So, how does passion impact the writer? Here are a couple of key results:

1.         Provides the energy to write regularly and with intentionality.

2.         Provides the curiosity to ask and then research the answers to hard questions.

3.         Provides the power behind the words enabling clear communication.

4.         Provides the overwhelming need to take the next step.

5.         Provides the ability to fashion something out the glimpse from your mind’s eye. Fosters the creative impulse.

We talk about the Passion of the Christ – Jesus’ willingness to endure the suffering and agony of the cross to provide a pathway for us to the eternal God. That passion came from an unending passion to love each of us.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Writing takes passion propelling you to the next page, the next chapter, the next book. Without it, the message would languish. No more languishing. The world needs our passion and God has prepared our paths. It’s time for the Retirement Reformation.

Passion leads to Joy! Be passionate about what you do and the lives it can change.

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